Autumn Leaves (Höstminnen) Trailer

Finally a glimpse of our short film Autumn leaves. You can watch the trailer on my site
Showing times at the Gothenburg film festival are
Sat 28th Jan 17:30 Haga 1.  Tuesday 31st Jan 12:30 Haga 1. Thursday 2nd Feb 15:00 Bergakungen 4.

And a few more behind the scenes pictures.

dop Paul Evans by the camera and director Jean pascal Strüwer in foreground.
 Actresses Livia Millhagen & Anita Wall
 Super 16 !!! Arri 416

 The family. Lars Lind, Anita Wall & Livia Millhagen
 Actor Torkel Petterson

 Autumn leaves team 

Spot the odd one out?

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